"Protect vision for the revolution, prevent myopia, start eye exercises now, close your eyes..." This set of eye exercises accompanied by soothing music, together with the crisp child's voice shouting beats, is very important to many Chinese who have passed middle age in the 21st century. Still kind and familiar. As early as 1972, the National Education Commission of China stipulated that primary school students should perform eye exercises between classes twice a day. Over the years, this has become an eye-care program in every school. Every Chinese teenager joins the ranks of doing eye exercises from the moment they step into the school gate. Eye Exercises is a tradition of Chinese campus culture. It has been integrated into the lives of generations and carries the memories of generations.
Close your eyes if they're open.
Take a few big, deep breaths.
Breathe in. As you do that, imagine that the air is filled with a sense of peace and calm.
Trys to feel it throughout your body.
Breathe out. While you're doing it, imagine that the air leaves with your stress and tension.
Kneading forehead! back of the neck!
placing both hands on your keyboard and press down at once with both your palms, spell out the word "touch" on the keyboard without lifiting your finger from the keyboard.
clamp the joints between the index and thumb of the other hand and wiggle away the joints.
look at your eyes in the screen. make eye contact with your eyes, with your eyes. look with your eyes, into your eyes. do you know this person? do you know what they are thinking about? consider, what have these eyes seen? what have they been witness to? take a fingertip to you forhead right at the top of your hairline. Begin to draw a spiral around your face very slowly. this spiral will end directly in between your eyes. when moving the spiral across each eye, whisper to yourself somethng that eye has seen in your life, every time your fingertip grazes an eye. be careful not to poke your eye out. go very slowly and as the spiral moves around your face think of what you will say the next time the fingertip crosses your eye. as the spiral moves inward, the time between whispering things you have seen decreases.
blow some warm air on it, and put a piece of paper/cloth over it to block out the light. Then, with your thumbs, gently rub it in a circular motion. laptop camera.
close your eyes ⊙⌋⊙ and massage your jaw ☞ with 2 fingers under ␦・⌋ ・﹖ your ears
This is a ritual via zoom by Junyi Shi in Cybernatics of Desire with Melanie Hoff, Paul Bille, Ainsley Romero, Darnell Henderson, Qiang Wang, Sara Duell.